How to Watch out of Market NFL Games Now

These days there are so many more options available for lovers of the NFL (National Football League) game to watch and keep track of their favorite team’s performances this season. So if you get frustrated that you can’t watch that big game live, don’t worry we got you covered.

watch out of market nfl games

Apart from the traditional ways of watching the games on the usual Fox, and CBS networks, as well as ESPN, there are various other ways of watching your favorite NFL games out of the market with other TV and cable providers, as well as some as the most popular well known online streaming services.

There are some newer ways of watching the games other than the traditional good old TV networks.

The options for the viewer are also steadily on the increase. Here below is our quick guide and selection of who we think are the best out of market NFL game providers available right now.

Watching NFL Games out of Market is Easy

Here are a few simple ways in which you can watch live NFL games from the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready…Lets get started:

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Match Ticket

Perhaps you can benefit from the new deal between the NFL and DirecTV. This is a satellite company, and they have an exclusive right over NFL Sunday matches. If you go to them, you can enjoy their Sunday afternoon out of network NFL games.

The most interesting thing about DirecTV is that those NFL fans who do have satellite installed in their homes can still watch those matches through their streaming service. This option is the best for those who reside in townhouse, or condominium, different kinds of apartments such as private houses, especially those finding it difficult to get clear satellite reception signals because of obstructions. They can watch such matches through the streaming services on a range of different devices. Want more information? Read our exclusive review on DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

DirecTV offers three different streaming options and the most prominent among them includes the DirecTV to Go. This service is unique because it would always stream the matches to your computer at your home. It can stream the games directly to your tablet and your phone and so on. This can cost about $199 for four months and this represents an average cost of fifty dollars ($50) for one month.

Another method of streaming the matches is through a connected device. This method streams games through such mediums like Game Consoles or through Roku, and the cost of this is $259 and this can be for one season.

The third method is the Max. This is regarded as a combination of more than one package. It equally includes package like Fantasy Zone, as well as the Red Zone Channel, and this can cost about $359.

The price is not static, and university students can get discounts for DirecTV streaming services. Know however that this service is just for Sunday games, and this means that you have to explore other ways of watching the matches on Monday Night Football, as well as the Thursday Night Football and so on. Monday Night Football is shown by the ESPN network, while the Thursday Night Football is shown by the CBS.

  • Game Consoles and Sports Apps

Moreover, there are different Sports Apps and Game Consoles, which you can use to watch your favorite NFL games. Here are some of them:

  • Xbox One

Microsoft is the owner of Xbox One, and the company was involved in the NFL for sometime now. Xbox can be easily integrated into the NFL’s app. There is a partnership going on, and this can last for as long as five years.

Owners of the NFL app can watch their matches once they have the means to enjoy the NFL network subscriptions. This means that such people can watch Thursday Night Matches. Moreover, if you like, you can pin your local broadcast to screen checking live scores as they come as well as the statistics and other information that can help you in the favorite games. Another interesting thing about this is that you can get the NFL Sunday ticket, and this means that you can watch the Sunday match.

  • PlayStation 4

In the same way, you can watch your favorite NFL games through PlayStation Vue. This platform provides a streaming television package beginning at thirty dollars a month ($30). This is available in its seventy core channels. This package contains different sports programs such as ESPN U, ESPNews, as well as other local sports programs and the price for this range from thirty-five to forty-five dollars ($35-$45)  If you live in cities where this live local broadcast is available, then you can opt for this program. There are innovations here; NFL network can now be watched on their Elite package as well as their service’s core program.

If you want to watch the NFL games under the PlayStation 4, then you can subscribe to their NFL Red Zone. This offers Sunday matches and you can pay forty dollars for the season. However, if you reside in markets where such services are available, then you can watch such games through the Fox broadcasting, NBC, as well as CBS and other channels and you can watch a number of matches including the Sunday Night Football. PlayStation Vue is available on PlayStation, as well as Amazon Fire Television, and Roku as well as Chromecast and so on.

  • NBC Sports Extra Live

You can watch NFL games on the go through the NBC Sports Extra Live. This is a cable subscription. This is a wonderful app because you can use it to watch Sunday Night Football games. You can equally watch four playoff games and super bowl 50, and so on, and you can watch it through your computer, tablets, Roku, as well as Apple television and so on. NBC streaming service is a good alternative for those who want to watch their favorite NFL games on the go.

  • Fox Sports Go

Fox over the air NFL games broadcast is available free. Before you can use this app, there should be evidence that you have a valid premium television subscription. The worst of all is that you are not going to watch those games for a long time, as you have limitations to what you can watch. Moreover, you are not going to watch them all your devices, as you can just watch them on the tablet, computers, and your laptop. You cannot have the opportunity to watch it in your console or in your mobile phone.

watch nfl live stream
  • WatchESPN

ESPN has a mobile app, which you can use to watch the Monday Night Football as well as 10 ESPN channels and several other interesting sports programs such as the Sports Center. You will have the opportunity of watching all these games in your streaming devices.

However, there are a few things that you need to know about this service; one of such is that you can now watch your Monday Night Football on your mobile phone. Moreover, you cannot watch ABC/Disney on PlayStation Vue, as it does not have ESPN. Moreover, before you are allowed to use this robot, there must a television subscription before you can use this app to watch those favorite games.

  • Twitter

Though twitter is not an app, it has a provision for this season that makes it possible for anybody to use the platform to watch at least ten Thursday Night Football games. This is good because it would not be subjected to any form of device restrictions and there would be no signup requirements for this and so on. The games you can watch include those ones that are aired on the NBC and CBS. This means that you cannot use this platform to watch games that are exclusive to NFL platforms.

  • Sling Television

If you do not have cable network, another great way to watch NFL games is through the Sling TV. With this device, you can watch Monday Night Football, as well as well as several of Sunday Nights Football games. The most interesting thing here is that if you are within the market or out of market, there are options available for you to watch these matches without resorting to cables.

You can now watch your favorite Monday Night Football games online and you are not required to have a cable subscription for this to become possible. Apart from watching those games without subscription, you can have access to the NFL analysis, which you desired through the ESPN. You can have access to both the pre and post game analysis such as the NFL insider, NFL live, and several others.

Sling TV streaming services is supported by Dish Network and this allows you to watch many popular channels through the internet, and you can always watch them through your streaming player, television, as well as your computer and tablet and your phone.

There are different packages that are involved here and the most prominent among them are the ESPN2, ESPN Live Stream, TBS, TNT, CNN, HGTV, AMC, Disney, and several others. This does not cost more than twenty dollars a month.

It does not end there, you can even enjoy more packages, and this includes more than sixty channels. The most interesting feature of this is that it does not involve any contract. You can enjoy this package for seven days free. Many people rely on this technique to watch their favorite games online.

Sling television has a deal with Apple television and Roku, and this makes it possible for you to watch your favorite NFL games for three months, but you have to pay for that in advance.

The deal is not always static, but you have a lot to benefit from the deal because Sling TV would always offer free Roku Streaming Stick, as well as forty percent cut on their new Apple Television packages, especially for their new prepaid customers. You have a lot to gain from this because you are going to watch most of the NFL games during the season. You can always watch the Monday Night Football games online in Roku.

NFL has contracts ongoing with CBS, FOX, as well as NBC. Because of that, Sunday Night Football games are aired in different parts of the country. This remains the best legal means of watching these matches live, especially for those that do not have cable. Try sling TV Free for 14 days.

  • NFL Game Pass

Called the NFL Game Pass, the $99-a-year service will allow subscribers to watch regular season games on television as soon as they’re over. The pass app will also provide access to preseason games live, plus the ability to listen—with no accompanying video—to regular season games live. Read our full NFL game pass free trial guide here.

  • CBS Games

CBS hosted most of the games and before you use it, you have to sign for that and this does not cost more than $5.99 for one month. This year this streaming service is no longer available for the CBS network only, it is available for different platforms. CBS now stream all football games. This means that you can watch Thursday Night as well as Sunday Night Football games and so on. This service is free for interested people for just seven days.

Of course, you should know that if you have an antenna, you do not have to rely on online networks before you watch your favorite games. You can watch it in such channels like CBS, FOX, as well as NBC. You can however resort to the online alternatives when you do not have local antenna.

Verizon Wireless is now making it possible for people to watch Sunday Live night games on the mobile device, especially through the NFL mobile app. This is another way you can watch the game through your mobile device.

CBS would be streaming multiple NFL games, Super Bowl, as well as four playoff games and so on, and you can enjoy that without subscribing for a cable network. Those games you can watch online are those ones aired by the CBS.

In the same way, FOX will air one hundred and four games (104) and you can always watch them through FOX Sports Go app. However, before you do that, you require satellite or cable subscription. This service is not available for everybody, but it is accessible to Cox, Comcast, AT&T, Charter as well as Time Warner, Verizon and DirecTV and so on. For all Sunday Night NFL games, you can watch them through the NBC Sports livestream, as it would be streamed to you live.

Yahoo is providing free global stream for NFL games. The company did last year. Many people can watch some of these matches through the Yahoo network.

NFL Game Pass Conclusion:

You have now seen that there are different ways that you can watch your favorite out of region NFL games without traditional NFL cable subscription. The information provided above remains the best way you can watch these football games online for free, especially for those who are out of the market. The steps provided above will help assist you in watching any of these matches irrespective of part of the world you are located.

Happy streaming.

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