How Can I Watch Hulu in the UK?

Hulu is a subscription streaming service partly owned by the Walt Disney Company. The subscription service was launched in 2010 when it was called Hulu plus, and by 2022 Hulu had 46.2 million subscribers. If you have just moved to the UK you will be missing home TV terribly and when you ask ‘can Hulu be used in UK? Yes, it can, and this is how.

Can Hulu be Watched in The United Kingdom?

Hulu is only available in the USA, so don’t try and connect or you will be denied access. However, this minor difficulty can be overcome by using an Express VPN, then a US IP address to bypass the geographical restriction.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a safe tunnel between your device and the internet and protects your privacy.

Experts have tested hundreds of VPNs and made recommendations based on their findings. One of the top recommendations was Express VPN.

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  • You will need a VPN with good unblocking powers and a fast speed.
  • Download your software ( VPN) and connect to a server in the USA.

Moving to the UK

When we leave home we can initially feel a bit disconnected, and being able to gain access to Hulu will help us to settle in and feel at home immediately. Hulu is able to be accessed from the UK using one of the good VPNs, and once you have access you will have smooth streaming.

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In May 2018 Hulu announced its license deal with DreamWorks Animation, which until that time was exclusive to Netflix. This has increased film availability for the public. In 2019 Hulu overtook Sling TV as the leading pay television service in the USA with more than 2.7 million subscribers.

Metrics are used to track viewers and ratings, and surveys show that Hulu is watched twice as much as other platforms. By May 2018 Hulu had surpassed 20 million subscribers in the USA.

US News rate Hulu as the best live-streaming service of 2022.

When did Hulu Start History

In October 2007 Hulu was launched and initially offered a TV and movie service before becoming a subscription service in 2010. The word Hulu is a Mandarin word for gourd and is aptly named as the holder of great content, the name was chosen in 2007 when the website first went live.

Hulu began advertising during NBC’s Super Bowl and the first ad starred Alec Baldwin titled Alec in Huluwood. In 2009 the Walt Disney Company joined the consortium, and Hulu went from strength to strength.


When you move to the UK, can Hulu be used in UK? is purely hypothetical because you now know it can be used, and is just a matter of following the right steps. Once you connect to Hulu you will feel immediately at home with all your favorite TV and streaming content available. So sit down and re-watch The Handmaid’s Tale again along with your other favorite shows. Read more about how to claim 30 days of free Hulu:

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