Now TV Free Trial: Watch Now TV Free For 7 Days

7 day Now TV free trial for Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids, hayu and NOW TV Boost

The Now TV Free trial is the best way to try before you buy.

Let me tell you more about NOW TV and why you should probably sign up.

Now TV has quickly emerged as one of the hottest on demand streaming services in the UK. Instantly watch over 1000 movies, 300+ box sets and unlimited sports events whenever you so wish, you are in complete control.

Read on to find out how to claim 7 days of free Now TV streaming without any silly coupons or promotional codes etc. They might just be the oasis in the sand you’re looking for when it comes to online streaming.

how to get now tv for free

What is Now TV

Now TV is contract free, on demand streaming service powered by Sky TV.

They’ve been offering the latest television shows, sports, and movie programming to subscribers in the UK since late last year, and the response has been resoundingly positive.

The service is aimed at people who don’t like the idea of paying expensive one off pricing or monthly contract costs.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime appear to have ignored the unique entertainment needs of their British consumers, leaving us paying more money for less of the content than our friends across the pond receive.

The Pros & Cons of Now TV

Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming, Now TV customers are able to choose the content that meets their needs; choosing our favourite sport, movie and live TV streams, from 13 of the most popular channels featured on Sky’s satellite programming lineup.

Entertainment Pass Free Trial

When you sign up for a free 7 day trial, you get full access to the same programming you would if you signed up for a monthly entertainment pass, which costs £8.99. That price gets you tuned into 13 great channels: Comedy Central, Fox, ABC, MTV, Disney, Sky 1 (along with Atlantic, Living, and Arts), Discovery, ITV Encore, Gold, Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr.

original series from now TV

When you consider that competing for streaming services like Netflix UK don’t offer currently airing shows, it’s a given that you’ll be able to stay way more up to date with recent shows like American Horror Story: Freakshow, The Flash, The Knick, The Walking Dead, Fast N Loud, Gold Rush: South America – and many other comedies, dramas, and documentaries, for less than a tenner every month!

You also get access to their library of archived box sets of previously aired television with the Entertainment Pack.

Sky Cinema Pass Free Trial

As you can imagine, Sky isn’t going to churn out Now TV, only to leave you gagging for the content they provide via their satellite subscription service! Not only do you get Sky 1, Atlantic, Living, and Arts, to watch free at any time when you sign up, and during your trial; you get a free month of Sky Movies. In addition to over 1000 movies to choose from, this add on guarantees you access to 16 new premieres each month. That’s 4 new movies per week!

You can give the movie pass a go for 7 days, then drop it before it ends with no fees to pay if it’s not really your bag. This free add on for the first week is automatically set to auto renew, with the regular monthly fee set at £11.99, since Sky knows you’re probably going to want to hang on to the channel when you compare their monthly fees with the savings you get over other pay TV offers!

now tv demo

If you’ve never watched Sky Movies before, you are in for a treat. It doesn’t get much easier to find something to tickle your movie watching taste buds for a couple of hours without having to sort through a load of tosh to get there.

This subscription channel, that comes free with your first month of Now TV, can be cancelled at any time, and includes every genre you can think of: Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, Indie, Classics, Family, Disney, and also includes the “All Time Greats” – a collection of the very best films of all time.

One thing’s for certain since it’s exactly the same programming Sky’s satellite subscribers get, you know you won’t be waiting for a dog’s age to watch the latest programming like you would with Netflix UK!

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Sky Sports Pass Free Trial

Now TV doesn’t leave you wondering what’s going on with your favourite sports team! No, you won’t have to seek the comfort of an illegal streaming site to watch that Premier League match you’ve been looking forward to.

You can also tune into Sky’s complete sports channel lineup for just the day or an entire week; with day passes costing £5.99 for the day, or £14.98 for the week.

sports passes

Whether you’re an avid football fan, rugby lover, or total US PGA nerd, you’ll get great regular sports programming on Fox and ABC, with the option to upgrade to Sky’s premium sports channels anytime you need to, without the need to pay a monthly subscription to their satellite service.

hayu Pass Free Trial

  • Thousands of reality TV episodes on demand 
  • Catch loads of shows the same day as the U.S.
  • Watch binge-worthy box sets from the very start.

Kids Pass Free Trial

  • Thousands of episodes on demand 
  • Awesome shows like Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants
  • 6 top channels, including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Cartoon Network
  • Download selected shows to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to watch offline.

NOW TV Boost Free Trial

  • Watch most movies, selected Entertainment and limited Kids shows (but not hayu), plus all the Sky Sports channels in full 1080p HD. Check what’s available with Boost
  • Enjoy a fully immersive audio experience with Dolby Digital 5.1 if you have a surround sound speaker system or soundbar.
  • Not all shows and channels are available in HD, and not all devices support Boost – so a free trial is a great way of checking whether Boost is for you.
  • Whatever Passes you have, 3 people in your household can stream at the same time.

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Now TV Smart Stick

now tv smart stick

TV Box Combo Deals

You can order one of their TV top boxes for a one off price of just £9.99, or order it along with one of their package deals to really up the value big time:

TV Box + Entertainment Pack

  1. £19.99 gets you the box, shipped to your door (no extra charges) and 3 months of the entertainment pack.
  2. £34.99 is an even better deal, offering the same as #1, but with 6 months of entertainment pack viewing.

TV Box + Movies/Sky Cinema Pack

  1. £19.99 gets you the box, shipped to your door (no extra charges) and 3 months of the movie pack.
  2. £34.99 gets you the box, plus 6 months of movie pack viewing.

TV Box + Sports Passes

  1. £19.99 gets you the box, plus 2 daily sports passes to use whenever you like.
  2. £34.99 gets you the box plus 5 day passes to use whenever.

*Post is included in the prices, and each box comes with an HDMI cable at no extra charge.

What’s the best way to watch Now TV?

If you already own a streaming device, there are a number of platforms that offer Now TV directly, including:

  • You view set tops
  • Smart Stick
  • PS4, Xbox one
  • LG Smart TV’s
  • Roku Media Streamers
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Android
  • PC or Laptops

7 Day Now TV Trial Summary

There truly isn’t a better streaming service available anywhere in the UK. Best of all, you really can’t lose with all the extra add on’s that are available, with currently airing television, archived box sets, hundreds of movies, or the ability to order up speciality sporting channels for Premier League events upcoming cricket matches. Sign up for 7 days of free Now TV and see what you think.

Watch the Now TV system in action

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