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For avid gamers and movie buffs, GameFly offers unbeatable value and convenience. With a library of over 9,000 titles in films and video games, users are sure to find something that interests them to add to their queue. Whether seeking the latest releases or nostalgic classics, GameFly has all the best old and new games and videos to enjoy.

One of the best things about GameFly is that there are no late fees. Users can rent and keep a game for as long as they like, and when they are ready to move on, simply send it back to receive the next game. This is a much cheaper alternative to buying new games as they are released each month. Additionally, if a user receives a game or movie they absolutely love, they can choose to keep it at a low, pre-owned price.

Is There a Free Trial for GameFly?

GameFly offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. The subscription will continue uninterrupted until the member cancels.

How Long is the Free Trial for GameFly?

GameFly offers a free trial that lasts for 30 days. Once the trial period is over, the user will be charged either $15.95 or $22.95 per month, depending on the number of game or movie rentals they choose to have at a time.

How to Cancel Your GameFly Free Trial

Cancelling your GameFly account is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. To cancel your membership, go to your Account and select “Cancel My Membership,” which can be found at the bottom right of the page. If you cancel before the end of your 30-day trial period, you will not be charged.

However, if you choose to continue with your membership or forget to cancel, your credit card on file will be charged monthly until you cancel your membership. The subscription fee is charged on the first day of your paid subscription and on that day each month until you cancel. You have the option to cancel your GameFly account at any time.

How Much Does GameFly Cost if You Want to Keep It?

GameFly offers two plans for customers to choose from, with the option of having one or two rentals at a time. The first three months are discounted, with the one-game plan costing $9.50 per month and the two-game plan costing $13.50 per month. After the first three months, the one-game plan costs $15.95 per month while the two-game plan costs $22.95 per month.

However, the best deal is taking advantage of GameFly’s 30-day free trial. This allows customers to try out the service and keep a game or movie for as long as they want, without incurring any additional charges.

Overall, GameFly is a remarkably affordable option for those who want to rent games or movies and keep them for an extended period of time.

GameFly Subscription plans:Standard regular pricing:
1 x Game or 1 x Movie at a time$15.95 per month
2 x Games or 2 x Movies at a time$22.95 per month
1 x Blu ray disk & DVD$8.95 per month
1 X Disk 4K Elite$13.95 per month

How to Get the Free Trial for GameFly

To get the free trial for GameFly, interested individuals must have a valid credit card. They must sign up for one of the membership levels and decide whether or not they want to continue once the trial period is over. There are no late fees involved with a GameFly subscription and cancellation is possible at any time.

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