DAZN Free Trial: Can You Watch Live Boxing for Free in 2023?

Watch Live Boxing with a DAZN Free Trial

Do you want to experience the thrill of live boxing and epic fight nights? DAZN is one of the top online streaming platforms that offer live and on-demand boxing content to its subscribers.

Launched in 2015, DAZN has expanded its services to more than 200 regions worldwide, including live fights, documentaries, news, interviews, and in depth analysis. In this article, we’ll answer the frequently asked questions about DAZN’s free trial, free services, and any available deals.

Is there a DAZN Free Trial Available?

The DAZN free trial was a common feature for any new subscribers when the platform first launched back in 2015. However, as DAZN’s market share rapidly grew, the availability of the free trial quickly decreased and was eventually discontinued in early 2022. Currently, there is no way of enjoying the brilliant DAZN for free.

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How much does DAZN cost?

DAZN now requires its new subscribers in the US to pay $20 per month or sign up for the annual plan at $150, which averages $12.50 per month and saves $90 compared to the monthly plan. The monthly plan is a more flexible option with no long-term commitments or tie in’s, allowing subscribers to cancel any time they wish.

Are there any DAZN Deals Available?

Third-party retailers or service providers may offer discounted or free streaming subscriptions with their purchases, but there is no information about such DAZN free offers. Currently, the best way to save on DAZN is to sign up for the yearly plan at $150. If you’re not ready for a yearly commitment right now, you can always pay for one month for $20 and upgrade to the annual plan or cancel your membership at a later date if your not happy.


DAZN is a great platform for boxing fans to enjoy live and on-demand boxing content. Although the DAZN free trial is no longer available, subscribers can still sign up for the monthly plan at $20 per month or the annual plan at $150, which saves $90 compared to the monthly plan. There are no known DAZN deals offered by third-party retailers, but the best way to save on DAZN is to sign up for the yearly plan.

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